UZNAM ZATOKA SZCZECIŃSKA mapa rowerowa 1:75 000 bikeline 2024

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Producent: bikeline
Kod EAN: 9783711102188
UZNAM ZATOKA SZCZECIŃSKA mapa rowerowa 1:75 000 bikeline 2024 (1)
UZNAM ZATOKA SZCZECIŃSKA mapa rowerowa 1:75 000 bikeline 2024 (1)
UZNAM ZATOKA SZCZECIŃSKA mapa rowerowa 1:75 000 bikeline 2024 (2)
UZNAM ZATOKA SZCZECIŃSKA mapa rowerowa 1:75 000 bikeline 2024 (3)
UZNAM ZATOKA SZCZECIŃSKA mapa rowerowa 1:75 000 bikeline 2024 (4)
UZNAM ZATOKA SZCZECIŃSKA mapa rowerowa 1:75 000 bikeline 2024 (5)
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Składana mapa rowerowa w skal 1:75 000

bikeline 2024

With approx. 6000 km², the cycling map Usedom, Szczecin Haff is a particularly large area, which belongs to the district of Vorpommern-Greifswald. The holiday paradise Usedom, the so-called "bathtub of Berlin", not only has modern, nostalgic lake baths with more than 40 kilometres of dreamy sandy beach and a wide range of cultural offers, but also a variety of nature and landscape forms in the Achterland. The landscape along the Strelasund and the Greifswald Bodden is tranquil, isolated forests and wide meadow and arable areas characterise this region.
The almost 54,000 hectare nature park Szczecin Haff is located south of the harbour on the border with Poland. The landscape is characterized by the natural haff coast with the haff meadows, a slightly hilly end moraine landscape, by low moor areas and small river courses such as Uecker and Randow as well as by the large beech and mixed forests. The Ueckermünder Heath bordering the Szczecin Haff is part of the nature park, it has lean sandy soils. Here are inland dunes and heathlands, but also numerous bogs and swamps. The very varied landscape is home to a diverse animal and plant world. The nature park is an important resting area for bird migrations: thousands of geese and cranes can be observed in spring and autumn. Black storks and sea eagles also occur.
In addition to Uecker and Randow, the natural valleys of Peene, Tollense and Trebel, which have a landscape shaping effect in the interior. The Peene Valley is considered one of the last natural primal valleys in Central Europe. It is a magnet and habitat for eagles, red deer, otters, beavers and plants and enjoys special protection thanks to the Peenetal River Landscape Nature Park.

One of the cultural highlights is the old Hanseatic city of Greifswald, which has received a city map in the cycling map. In the period of economic flowering with the connection to the Hanseatic League, the founding of the second oldest university in the Baltic Sea region fell so Greifswald won the position to be the intellectual and cultural centre of Pomerania. The emergence of the Peene shipyard after the Second World War and the port give Wolgast a successful industry to this day. Today, the Duke City of Wolgast is a lively small town with maritime flair. In 1824, the first seaside resort was opened in Świnoujście, Heringsdorf, Zinnowitz and Ahlbeck followed a little later. So nothing stood in the way of further development of tourism.
In Torgelow you can visit the medieval centre or take a rest at the Uecker. From the port of Ueckermünde you can translate by ferry to Usedom or you prefer to follow the coast of the Szczecin Haff and navigate inviting seaside resorts such as Mönkebude and the Hanseatic city of Anklam, which is an excellent starting point for peene tours by canoe, kayak, solar boat or floss and nature tours.
The city of Demmin surrounded by water, which can also be explored by city map, is nowadays a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and anglers, as three rivers flow together and Demmin with 35 wild fish species is considered the most fishy city in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Between Strelasund along Greifswalder Bodden to Wolgast, the Baltic Sea coast cycle path leads you mainly on low-traffic side roads, but there are also several kilometres of cobblestone road below. On Usedom, on the other hand, you will ride almost exclusively on wonderful bike paths along the coast. In Ueckermünde, Mecklenburg Lake Cycle Path, Oder-Neisse Cycle Path and Berlin-Usedom Cycle Route meet, all of which lead you to the island of Usedom. A total of 22 signposted cycle paths are shown in this map, which are available for you to ride on Vorpommern by bike.

Autor: Praca zbiorowa
Producent/Wydawnictwo: bikeline
Rok wydania: 2024
Kod kreskowy: 9783711102188
Skala mapy / planu miasta: 1:75 000
Język: niemiecki
Ilość stron: 2
Wymiary: 12 x 23 cm
Okładka / oprawa: miękka
Numer wydania: 4

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